Which is the best dorm on campus?


"When you're choosing your dorm at Drexel, you have so many options, and each has their positives and negatives. My first year, I lived in Towers Hall. Although the common bathrooms were not always the cleanest, and the dorm wasn't the flashiest, I'd still recommend it because of the community. Living in Towers helped me get my homework done, and taught me time management. I met some of my best friends there, who I ended up living with the next year. Plus, the A/C was great. If you're looking for a more modern-looking dorm, choose Millennium (or Milly). Race Hall is also a good choice. Bentley is only for Honors students but sometimes they take people in. Don't apply to Kelly. If you're looking for a suite style, and want a bigger crowd, go for Race or Van R. Suite dorms are nice, but traditional is better to make new friends. With an open-door policy, and plenty of people, there's always something going on."


- Ethan Harriz '24 (Computer Science)


Where are the best places to eat?


"As a freshman, you've got all of the options that upperclassmen have, plus the convenience of the meal plans. Breakfast at the Handschumacher Dining Center (or the Hans) is always nice, since you could either order a custom omelette and some hash-browns before classes, or quickly swipe a banana and a muffin. Dinner at Urban is awesome too, but it eventually gets boring quick because the options do not change. Northside is where everyone hang after a stressful day of classes because it has your favorite comfort food like Chik-Fil-A nuggets and Subway sandwiches. However, I'll never forget Wawa runs with some of the Brothers just to get hoagies at 2 AM during finals week. The food trucks is where it's at though. You should definitely try a different one every day if you can. Bacon, egg, and cheese from Happy Sunshine over near the volleyball courts is definitely the best on campus, although everyone has a favorite truck."


- Phil Tokar '22 (Finance)


How about clubs and organizations?


"Take the opportunity to join different clubs when you're here because there is seriously everything for everyone! A lot of Brothers joined Drexel clubs to expand their network and pursue their passions and hobbies. Drexel has an INSANE amount of organizations that students can join, from Honors Societies and community service organizations, to e-sports and gaming, to dancing and music, and so much more. During my freshman year, I joined 8 to the Bar, the all-male acapella group on campus, and ended up making so many friends. Freshman year was also when I joined Pilam as a re-founding Brother, which really helped me developed professionally and socially, like connecting me to my first co-op and reviewing my (poorly-written) resume. Explore your options using DragonLink and get involved! Its the best way to stay active and make lasting friends."


- Christian Cederlund '20 (Music Industry Technology)


Best places to study on campus?


"Although Drexel can get loud sometimes because it is adjacent to busy streets, there are lots of quiet places scattered across the campus for you to sit down with a laptop and some headphones, and really get to work. One of my favorite places to study is the Dragon' Learning Den next to the Library. Despite being a bit crowded, the Learning Den provides 24/7 access to students to study at any hour of the day (or night). You can usually find a table or desk with an outlet whenever. They also offer laptop rentals if you forget to bring your own. My favorite part: food is allowed there and the food trucks are parked right outside. Talk to any Brother on campus, you can always learn more about a really cool and new place to study."


- Ray Schoonmaker '21 (Business and Engineering - Electrical)


What's the deal with laundry?


"I'm so happy that it is free in all the dorms, and the machines are easy to use too even if you have never done laundry before arriving at Drexel. I suggest using Tide Pods if you don't know which detergent to buy because you can throw them right into the washer. The laundry machines, both washing and drying, are shared with other people in your dorm so you have to plan things ahead. For me, the best time to do laundry was in the middle of the week, during the middle of the day if possible. It is usually crowded on the weekends, so try your best to beat the crowds! Make sure you set a timer when you do laundry because other people are waiting for their turn too."


- Kyle Nguyen '23 (Business Analytics and Marketing)


I'm having issues with my roommate, what should I do?


"Always know that you're not alone. Having three sisters, I never had to share a room growing up until I got to college. At the beginning of the year, you and your roommate make a contract and sign it with your Resident Assistant (RA). This is a written agreement that you both have to adhere to throughout the year. If you ever feel stressed out, uncomfortable, or your roommate is breaking this agreement that you set, talk to your RA! Your RA is your best resource for a bunch of things, housing included. They are trained to connect you to the resources that you need to not only strive, but thrive your freshman year, and they are there to help you. Never feel afraid to ask a question, there is always someone to help you out."


- Joe Galante '23 (Computer Engineering)